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This time ThemeGem is back with the best free WordPress themes for music, musicians, artists, DJ, songwriters, bands, blogs, and so on.

In this age of the internet and technology, even listening to music and watching music videos is not limited to tv channels only. There are various online platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, TuneIn, and many others where people can actually listen to music or watch videos whenever they want. If you want to showcase musical talent, be connected with the fans, and rock the world, then obviously you need a fully functional music website. For that, you need to have the best music WordPress theme.

Best Free Music WordPress Themes for Musicians

There are hundreds of either free or premium WordPress themes in the WordPress market. No doubt premium WordPress themes for musicians come with more powerful features and functionalities. But it does not mean free music WordPress themes are meant to be left behind. Some of them are having very excellent customization options and features that are way better than most premium WP themes.

Below is the list of free WordPress themes for musicians and artists. They all contain excellent features and functionalities. And one can surely create a compelling and full-fledged music website.


Euphony- Free music WordPress themes for musicians

Euphony is modern and free music WordPress theme for musicians, artists, music bands, producers, songwriters, converts, and similar to its kinds. It is super responsive and comes with an elegant design that creates awesome chill vibes. This theme comes with the features like Featured Content, Featured Slider, Hero Content, Sticky Playlist, Services, Portfolio, Testimonials, and more. One of the best parts it has fast loading and interactive audio player, where your fan and followers can listen to your music right from your website too.

Download Here


Musicsong- free music WordPress themes for musicians

Musicsong is simple yet beautiful and free WordPress themes for musicians, bands, artists, music blogs, concerts, and events. One of the best parts of this WP theme is it has a testimonial section and hero content section to showcase your records, events, and various other services related to music to your fans. There is a pre-made demo website along with the demo importer options that help to create a music website in no time. Musicsong has Latest Release Section where you can add your recently released songs and also make them available to listen to via a responsive audio player.

Download Here

Sungit Lite

Sungit Lite- WordPress themes for muscians

If you are looking for feature-rich and highly customizable free music WordPress themes then Sungit Lite is the right choice. It is perfect for artists, bands, songwriters, producers, DJs, music blogs, and similar to its kind. This free WP theme for music comes with tons of features and functionalities. One of the best parts it has followed all the practices of SEO that increase the ranking position of your website in Google SERP. Sungit Lite allows you to manage playlists, share videos, and add events to your website. It has a live WordPress customizer to see the changes happening in real-time. This WP theme contains features like 3 Footer Widgets, Page Templates, Default Sidebar Widget, Compatible with Bootstrap, and many more.

Download Here

Music Club Lite

Music Club Lite- WordPress themes for musicians, themeGem

Music Club Lite is minimalist and user-friendly music WordPress themes. It is also best for creating nightclubs, musicians, singers, artists, DJs, music magazines, record labels, and all similar music industry projects. This free theme has a powerful framework and customization options that let you craft a music website without having to write a single line of coding. Besides that, Music Club Lite is also compatible with WooCommerce Plugin. This WordPress plugin lets you sell the records, merchandise, concerts/events tickets, and so on.

Download Here

Pop Rock

Pop Rock-Free responsive WordPress themes for musicians

Pop Rock is a clean, simple, and modern music WordPress theme for musicians, bands, songwriters, blogs, and so on. It includes all the music-related features that take your music website to the next level. This free responsive WordPress theme for musicians flawlessly adapts any screen sizes and resolutions. Pop Rock comes with awesome features like Custom Background, SEO optimized, Custom colors, Custom Header, Responsive layouts, Custom logo, Custom Header, Full-width template, and much more.

Download Here

Music Artist

Music Artist- free WordPress themes for musicians

If you are looking for dark and free WordPress themes for musicians, then Music Artist is the perfect one. It is suitable for artists, musicians, music artists, bands, studios, nightclubs and similar to its kind. The theme has a music player and easily supports audio and view content. Music Artist is a responsive theme and easily adapts to any viewing environment.

Download Music Artist Now

Zubin Music

Zubin Music-  Free WordPress themes for musicians

If you are eyeing multipurpose music music WordPress themes, then Zubin Music is the right one. It is perfect for bands, artists, and other creative minds. Built-in with the live customizer options, you can see the changes happening in a real-time. This free WordPress theme consists of features like Sticky Playlist, Hero Content, Dark Style, Portfolio, Boxed Header Width, Featured Content, Services, Featured Slider, Testimonials, Header Media, and so on. One of the best parts of Zubin Music, it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, which means you can sell music, concert tickets, and merchandise. Try this free music WordPress theme now.

Download Zubin Music Now

Music Journal

Music Jounrnal- Free music WordPress themes for Musicians, ThemeGem

Music Journal is the most popular free music WordPress theme for musicians. It is suitable for musicians, bands, and other projects related to the music industry. The theme comes with amazing style, and design that grabs the attention of visitors. Likewise, Music Journal is user-friendly and comes with pre-made demo content. It comprises features like Sticky Playlist, Playlist, Featured Content, Featured Slider, Hero Content, Portfolio, Testimonials, Services, and more.

Download Music Journal Now

JetBlack Music

JetBlack Music

Jetblack Music is another popular and free music themes for musicians, bands, DJ, artists, etc. With the super-smooth integration of an audio player on the home page and fast-loading capacity website; your fans can easily hear your records without surfing much. The powerful customization options and attractive design are powerful features of this music WordPress theme. What’s more, JetBlack Music has a one-click demo importer option to import a demo website to run your music website in no time.

Download JetBlack Music from here

Loud Music

Loud Music- free WordPress themes for musicians

If you are looking for WordPress themes for musicians, then Loud Music is the best one. It is very simple and responsive. This free responsive WordPress theme is perfect for music artists, singers, producers, and bands to showcase their records, songs, and videos to connect with their fans. With social media integration, you can easily connect them with your fans. Likewise, you can also add music, videos, and blogs if you want to.

Download Loud Music Here

Consultare Music


Consultare Music is one of the modern, dark-themed, and free music WordPress themes for musicians, bands, artists, and so on. Its dark color design gives bold and strong vibes to your music website. Anyone who comes to your website for the first will surely keep on returning due to its user-friendly usability and interface. This free music WordPress theme has smooth customization options enabling you to create a jaw-dropping music website in few minutes. Thanks to the awesome one-click demo importer option. To create an impactful online presence, it has Additional Playlists and Sticky Playlist features.

Download Consultare Music from here



If you are eyeing minimal and free WordPress themes for musicians, then go with MusicFocus. It is super-responsive in design and works perfectly on all screen sizes. For your fans and followers can smoothly listen to high-quality records right from your website’s audio player. This music WordPress theme has features like Featured Content, Featured Slider, Hero Content, Layout Options, Portfolio, Scroll Up Options, Services, Sticky Playlist, Testimonials, and more. Make it yours by integrating all the features and have a fully functional music business website sooner rather than later. MusicFocus is indeed optimized for speed and SEO.

Download MusicFocus Now


So, these are the best free WordPress themes for music and all musical projects. You can pick anyone from the above and start your project with it.

Should you require help for installation. Our expert will help you.

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Which is the best free music WordPress themes for musicians?

Some of the best free music WordPress themes for musicians are:
1. Sungit Lite
2. Music Artist
3. Music Club
4. Rock Band
5. Rock Star
6. Neve
7. Astra

Where can I get free Music WordPress themes?

You can get free WordPress themes for musicians from and theme selling companies.

Can I sell music online with my WordPress-based music website?

Yes, with the help of the WooCommerce plugin, you sell your music right from your WordPress-based music website.

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