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This time Theme gem is back with Best WordPress Content Protection plugins for website.

These content protection plugins helps the website owner to safeguard their content from unauthorized access, copying, or distribution. These WordPress plugins comes with various features and functionalities that saves your intellectual property.

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Why Do You Need a Content Protection WordPress Plugin for Website?

In this digital era, there are cases of copying content, blogs, images and videos and using them on their website. This is surely effect SEO and thus reduces website traffics. These content locking plugins ensure the security, integrity, and controlled access to your website’s content. Here are some key reasons why you need a content protection plugin:

Prevent Unauthorized Access: Content protection plugins help prevent unauthorized users from accessing and stealing your valuable content. By setting up restrictions, you can ensure that only authorized individuals or members can view specific content on your website.

Protect Against Content Scraping: Content scrapers and automated bots can copy and reproduce your content without your permission. Content protection plugins often include features to deter scrapers, such as disabling right-click options, preventing text selection, or adding watermarks to images.

Secure Digital Products: If your website sells digital products like ebooks, software, or multimedia content, a content protection plugin can safeguard these products from unauthorized downloads and distribution. It helps protect your intellectual property and revenue streams.

Deter Unauthorized Sharing: Content protection plugins can include features that discourage or prevent users from sharing login credentials. This is important for maintaining the exclusivity of premium content and preventing users from bypassing subscription requirements.

SEO Benefits: Protecting your content from duplication and unauthorized use can have positive effects on your website’s SEO. Search engines tend to favor original, unique content, and content protection helps maintain the uniqueness of your site.

Best WordPress content protection plugins of 2024

Digital Content are one of the essential part of website. If your valuable content is published in internet without any protection, then anyone can steal and make a money out of it. Yes, there are copyright and legal actions against it, but it’s very expensive, time consuming and often futile process, Instead of going through lots of hassles, taking a proactive step of using WordPress content protection plugins to protect your content is a strategic investment. Let’s take a look at them.

MemberPress (Members-Only Content)

MemberPress - WordPress Content Protection Plugins

MemberPress is one of the best WordPress content protection plugins in the WordPress market. This membership plugin that not only protects your content but also helps you create a membership site. It allows you to restrict access to posts, pages, and even custom post types based on membership levels.

Similarly, this plugins have a feature called Memberpress Courses LMS that enables users to create and sell online courses without any hassle. Moreover, MemberPress also restricts action against downloading media files and also protects custom post types, restrict widget visibility and many more.

This WordPress plugin is freemium but free plans do not offer most of the features that a website needs to protect content.

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Envira Gallery – Plugin from Anti Image Theft

Envira Gallery anti image theft WordPress plugin

If you are looking for plugin to protect images from unauthorized downloading, then Envira Gallery is perfect one. This freemiun WordPress gallery plugin incorporates anti-image theft features that act as a shield for your visual content. This means that your carefully created galleries, showcasing your photography or artistic creations, remain secure from being downloaded or reused without permission.

Additionally, this no right click image plugin has disable right click options to download images. Similarly, to prevent image theft in WordPress website, Envira gallery includes functionalities like password protected galleries, preventing image drag-and-drop, and incorporating watermarking capabilities.

Envira Gallery anti image theft plugin is best for photographers, portfolio website, bloggers, designers and small business.

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WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click is another WordPress Content Protection Plugin that one should use for protecting content and right clicking. Whether you’re a content creator, blogger, or business owner, maintaining the integrity of your online material is crucial, and this plugin provides an effective and user-friendly means to secure your digital assets.

This WordPress plugin goes beyond the standard copyright protection measures by disabling right-click options, preventing text selection, and adding an extra layer of defense against content theft. By incorporating these features, the plugin acts as a virtual shield, deterring users from easily copying or saving your text and images.

If a person tries to steal your digital assets, an image ad or alert message will pop up and prevent the content from copying or downloading. The free version is enough for protecting the content and images, but for additional protection and features better to go for premium one.

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MemberMouse - Best WordPress Content Protection Plugins

MemberMouse is robust and best best WordPress content protection plugins to protect content by granting access based on different membership levels. This plugin is perfect for running an online course, subscription service, or any content-driven platform as it provides set of tools to streamline the creation and management of membership levels.

Furthermore, MemberMouse contains features including content protection, one-click upsells, and in-depth reporting analytics, giving administrators unparalleled control over their membership sites. This content protection plugin ensures a hassle-free and secure experience for both site owners and their members.

MemberMouse do not have free plans you need to buy it, but it is worth than letting someone stealing your content and generate revenue.

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Passster (Password Protect Pages)

Passster (Password Protect Pages)- Password protection WordPress plugin

If you are searching for the user-friendly and best WordPress content protection plugins then Passster is the one should go for. It protects website’s pages, posts, and custom post types.

This password protection plugin empowers website owners to control access to specific content by adding an additional layer of security through password protection. Passster WordPress plugin locks your entire website.

Passster is free content protection WordPress plugin offers customization of the login forms, enabling site owners to maintain a consistent brand aesthetic.

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Which is the best content locker plugins for WordPress?

To pick one best WordPress content protection plugins, depends on your specific needs and the features that align with your website’s goals. Different plugins provides handful of features of content protection, from preventing right-click actions to managing memberships and subscriptions.

If you want to protect images from dowloading then it is better to use Envira Gallery – anti image theft WordPress plugin.

Similarly, there is MemeberPress WordPress plugin that provides content protection features, allowing you to control access based on membership levels.

For this who want to password-protect specific pages, then go for Passster.

Consider factors such as the nature of your content, whether you’re running a membership site, and the specific features that align with your content protection requirements. It’s also crucial to regularly update your chosen WordPress plugin to ensure it remains effective and secure.

What are the disadvantages of using content- protection plugin?

WordPress content- protection plugins helps to protect the content and images from the intellectual theft. But there downside of using content protection plugins such as SEO ranking impact, performance of the website, user experience, updates and maintenance.

Which is the best security plugin for WordPress?

Wordfence, Sucuri, ithemes security are the best WordPress plugins for security. These plugins securely protects your website from the hackers. Check out our complete review of WordPress security plugin for 2024.

What content protector for WordPress prevent your content from being copied?

Content Protection plugins like WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click, MemberPress, MemberMouse, Passster protect websites contents and images from unauthorized download.

How do I lock content in WordPress for free?

There are free WordPress content locker plugins like Optin monster, Secure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking, AdWork Media Content Locker, Bloom.

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