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Today, we will share some proven tips to speed up WordPress website with you right from the WordPress developer. WordPress Speed Optimization is necessary to improve the performance of your website. Fast loading website helps to increase the visitors, SEO, and pageviews. Not only that, but it also monetizes your business.

Speed up WordPress website is not a joke. It is confusing and a bit tricky. But once you do things right, nothing can hamper the speed of WordPress site. There are lots of WordPress themes in the market that are speed optimized. No doubt they are true to their words. But when you install plugins or customize them to add functionality, your WordPress website slows down. Your online presence will be affected. So, WordPress site speed and functionality must go hand in hand. Then only you can save your WordPress website from being doomed.

So, we are digging our years of experience to help you speed up WordPress website. In this session, we will cover everything related to WordPress site speed. Without further ado, let’s go through it.

What are the factors the slows down the performance and speed of WordPress site?

  • Web Page Size
  • WordPress themes and Plugins
  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Configuration
  • No Caching System

Tips to speed up WordPress Website

We are sharing your some easy tips to seed up WordPress website You neither have to need to change the core elements of your website nor write tempering codes. Only a few clicks and optimization can improve the performance of WordPress websites.

Keeping WordPress website Up-to-Date

If you do not update WordPress website, then go and click the UPDATE button now. WordPress updates frequently to fix the bug and issues and also adds new features and functionalities to the website. It helps to keep your site secure, and also speed up WordPress site. Remember to update WordPress themes and plugins too.

Selecting the best WodPress Web Hosting Service

Good web hosting boosts the performance and speed up WordPress website. Instead of using shared web-hosting always go for the managed WordPress hosting service. They provide optimized server configurations to run WordPress. It also offers services like automatic backups, automatic WordPress updates, and secure the website from threats and hacking.

Click here to check out the best WordPress web hosting services.

Installing WordPress Caching Plugins

WordPress caching plugins are the ones that speed up WordPress sites. Caching plugins duplicates the website after the first load and loads that cached version to every recurring user. This actually lessens downs the time to generate a web page view. Hence makes your WordPress website load faster, directly from cache. We recommended you to use WP Rocket and WP Super Cache. WordPress web hosting services like Bluehost and Siteground are also offering cache solutions.

Do not forget about Image Optimization

You cannot deny the fact that large images can actually slow down websites’ speed. It provokes a negative user experience. Images are used to attract visitors and increase user engagement. But if you use a non-optimized image, it can instead decrease the speed of WordPress site and turn down your business. So before uploading an image, change the image format and compress it using software or an online image optimizer. The best image file type is PNG and JPEG. You can also use WordPress plugins for image compression are :

Using Content Delivery System

Content Delivery System (CDN) helps to speed up WordPress websites. Basically, there are servers located all around the world. They will store the WordPress website’s static files like image, CSS, Javascript, and Video Stream. Every time the visitor visits your website, they are presented with a static website/file from their nearest server locations.

Using WordPress theme that is optimized for speed

No matter which WordPress themes you pick either free or premium, that is speed optimized. Go for the simple and lightweight WordPress themes instead of c WordPress themes having complex layouts, flashy animations, and worthless features. WordPress themes like Divi, Ocean WP, Ultra, Resortica are optimized for speed.

Using WordPress Plugins (Fast and Clean-Coded)

Like WordPress themes, select faster WordPress plugins that actually have necessary additional features, cleanly coded, and speed optimized. Some of the bulky and poorly coded WordPress plugins can slow down the website and also raises various issues. You can test by yourself and also ask the experts for recommendations and suggestions.

Tuning WordPress Database

WordPress database must be cleaned out to speed up WordPress site. It contains lots of unnecessary data like trashed posts, revisions, unused tags, etc. These databases slow down your website. So, you can use the WP-Sweep plugin, to clean all the databases without doing much.

Limit Post and Page Revision

You may not know, but the post and page revision also affects the speed of WordPress website. When you save a post or page it creates a revision. This actually consumes space from the WordPress database and directly affects the performance of the website. So, make sure to delete old revisions, limit or disable revisions.

Back-end and Front-end Optimization

Optimizing the backend of the site also speed up WordPress website. This includes using the latest PHP version, using GZIP compression, practicing hotlink protection, and so on.

In the case of front-end optimization, you need to find out the external services that are affecting the loading time of the website. Such as the size of a page, image, CSS, javascript, HTTP request to name a few. For this, you need to reduce the web page size and also lessen HTTP requests and external services.

Why performance and speed are important for WordPress website?

When you are searching for queries then waiting a second feels like minutes. If the WordPress website loads very slowly; You instantly search for another website, instead of waiting and sticking to only one. No one likes to wait to load a website. What does this mean to website/ online business owners? It means losing visitors and traffics. Which further leads to a loss in conversions, poor SEO, and customer satisfaction.

So, to increase the traffic, conversion rate, monetize the business and revenue you must speed up WordPress website. Or else, your online presence will be ruined before blooming in the internet world.

How to check WordPress website speed?

You will get various free and premium WordPress website speed test tools to help monitor and seep up WordPress website. Some of them are GTmetrix, ISITWP, Pingdom, Google Page Speed Insights, and so on. But we recommended you use either GTmetrx or ISIT WP for WordPress speed test. The best website page loading time is under 2 seconds. If you can even half that time, then, the speed of WordPress website will be better.


So, this way you can speed up WordPress website. No doubt, everyone loves fast-loading website. The speed-optimized WordPress website ranks better in Google SERP, improves conversion rate, and monetizes the business.

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